Saturday, 5 December 2020

New vlog alert: Adventure Rich - Almost Stranded On The Way To Santa Catalina, Panama!

For those who haven't seen my posts about this on my Facebook page (Liane Spicer, Author), on Instagram (@thegardeningwriter) and right here on this blog ("May You Live in Interesting Times"), my son has been stranded in Panama since early this year when borders there and at home closed on account of the pandemic. Some of my old blog buddies from years ago might remember him as the barefoot surfer boy I featured right here on Wordtryst.

Rich started a vlog series on YouTube back in July to share his experience--and his adventures, of course. After all, he's been "Adventure Rich" all his life! With his background in professional photography and videography, his storytelling skills and eye for the aesthetic, he brings a level of expertise to his content that is not often seen in new YT vlogs. You won't be disappointed!

Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe to his channel. Ring the bell (next to the subscribe button) to receive a notification every time a new video goes up! His growing band of subscribers (8,000+ at the moment) anticipate his uploads with much eagerness. In addition to the entertainment value of "Adventure Rich", the income from his channel helps him to survive his prolonged and unexpected exile in a country that has captured his heart. 

Find Rich on YouTube: Adventure Rich 
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Stay safe, everyone! 

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