Thursday, 10 July 2008


It's one of those days. Woke up to darkness when there should have been sunbeams streaming over the mountain and setting the valley aglow. Woke to blowing rain, rolling thunder, a lovely chill in the air. Today's rain is devoid of anger. It's mellow, dreamy almost. Even the thunder seems muted.

When I stand at the door and look up at the hills they're half veiled by low grey-white cloud and streamers of mist. The rain slivers down in silver streams. Makes me smile and hug myself. Makes me want to dance. Or something.

Here's a double tribute in song to my favourite kind of day: Rain, by SWV, the multiple Billboard and Grammy Award winning Sisters With Voices, and I Can't Stand the Rain by Eruption. I love both songs - and today I'm cool with the rainy-day memories, okay MysteryMan? (You know who you are.)


Yvonne said...

That sounds gorgeous, I especially like "rain silvers down in silver streams".

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

We've got rain here too. It's not glamorous like your rain, it's just cold and grey and wet, which is particularly annoying as it's supposed to be summer.

Flowerpot said...

The rain here is DIRE. It's so thick and unrelenting that I have claustrophobia.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to rain on your parade but...I just had to say that :)

I like rain. I love rain. I was born in the rain...well, not really, or to the best of my knowledge, but it feels like it some days. I Can't Stand the Rain is a nice rainy day song but it's the opposite for me.

Anyway, straight off and with Google I thought of these rainy day songs:

Have you ever seen the rain? - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Purple Rain - Prince

Kiss the Rain - Billie Myers

Can You Stand in the Rain by Boyz II Men

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - BJ Thomas

It's Raining Again - Supertramp

Making Love in the Rain - Janet Jackson

It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell

Rainy Night in Georgia - Ray Charles

Chumplet said...

We have so many different kinds of rain -- the deluge, the sideways rain, and the gentle rain that lulls you to sleep.

I don't mind it as long as it doesn't end up on my basement floor or down my back while running from the car to my front door.

wordtryst said...

Yvonne, it's beautiful!

Zinnia, I've been reading some of the UK Novel Racers blogs and they all seem to be complaining about the rain lately. I guess if it hangs around too long it can become a pain in the tail. Today it's bright and sunny here, with an occasional drizzle. Nothing at all like yesterday!

Flowerpot, see above. Unrelenting rain must be quite a bore. Nothing keeps the sunshine away for long in these parts - which is why the rain can be such a welcome relief.

Chumplet, I hear you! Water in the basement does not sound like fun! Thank goodness we don't have basements here; things would get a bit too lively when the water levels rise as they're apt to do with very little provocation!

akalol, a fellow rain-o-phile! I love Raining Men but didn't know it was Haliwell's. Isn't she a model or something? (Sorry, my pop culture knowledge isn't always up to par.) The Ray Charles is a classic! Georgia seems to have inspired quite a few of those! (Georgia on my Mind, for example.) Raindrops Keep Falling is a song I used to belt out loudly and tunelessly in the shower as a young girl. Some of the others I sort of recognize; I'll be sure to look them up on YouTube! Think I'll start a rainy-song collection!

JJ said...

I love the rain ... particularly when I'm not wet and don't need to go out!

Does that count? Or am I cheating?

wordtryst said...

JJ, being dry and cozy indoors is definitely a prerequisite to enjoying the rain!

PJ said...

I quite like a light rain, though in your part of the world I know that the rain can be torrential. Thanks for the music - those videos took me back.

wordtryst said...

PJ, you're welcome. I quite enjoyed that trip to yesteryear myself.