Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Snippet, courtesy Phyllis

Another Dorchester author, the lovely Phyllis Bourne Williams, author of A Moment on the Lips and By New Year's Day from the anthology The Holiday Inn, dropped by and, reading that I didn't have access to the Romantic Times review of Café au Lait, e-mailed it to me. Here's what she wrote:

"RT said: 'Even if the reader has never set foot in the Caribbean, the sights and sounds, perfectly described in this book, will make you feel like you're there. The story is one you've probably read before - girl meets boy, boy resists attraction, girl and boy give in to their feelings - but throw in some unexpected drama, and you've got yourself an entertaining novel.'

The rest is just a summary of your plot."

Thank you, Phyllis. As a writer yourself, you must know how much I appreciate this.


kim said...

Your blog makes me want to be there too! Except for those times when you talk about the crime -- that part kind of stinks :o(.

PBW said...

Glad I could help.

LOL! Now I'm going nuts waiting on next months RT with my review!

wordtryst said...

Kim, I try not to write about the stinky parts, but I succumb when it all overwhelms. It's a pity because there's so much here that is good and beautiful.

Oh, pbw, you must let me know what they say! Thank goodness I didn't have an inkling mine was coming up; the Google alert was the first I knew.