Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Review #3

I really apologize for the 'me! me! me! my book!' tone that this blog has taken of late. It goes against the grain but... my novel is a brand new release and I have to do my part to promote it. In addition, I've promised to share the journey - so here we go again.

Another review! This one from Susan Barton over at Romance Readers at Heart, and I love it! Thank you, Ms. Barton! You certainly 'get' the story!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

No need to apologise. Just wait until I get published - if I ever do - I'll be so 'me, me, me' all over my blog that I'll probably alienate every single reader. But I know I won't be able to help myself. I have your lovely book in my possession but, frustratingly, no time to read at present. So I'm avoiding reviews etc in case of spoilers. I'll come back and read them when I've read your book for myself (this side of Xmas I hope).

JJ said...

Hey, Liane, absolutely what Zinnia said. Do it all you like. It's such an achievement. Can't wait to read it myself.

The Anti-Wife said...

No apologies necessary. We're all very happy for you and your book! Enjoy it and share all you want.

Guanaguanare said...

Congrats on the positive review and interview.

Anonymous said...

Having read the book I have to agree with Susan Barton. I might even blog a review of my own :)

KeVin K. said...

Yay, Liane!

Great review. The book has not arrived in Wilmington yet, but when it does you can expect a review.

wordtryst said...

Zinnia, I am looking forward to the day when you do get pubbed! Thank you for getting my novel, and I hope you enjoy the read. Some of the reviews do in fact contain spoilers, so you're wise to avoid them until after you've read the story.

JJ, I usually try hard not to attract attention, so all of this focus on me and the book is a tad uncomfortable. I'm actually longing to get back to regular blog posts that don't even mention the book!


Thank you, Anti-wife. It's great to have a place to come and share this stuff with people who understand!

Guanaguanare, thank you! Blessings received in good order!

akalol, I hope I did the scenery as much justice as your photos do! If anyone wants to know what I'm talking about, just trot on over to and see for yourself!

Kevin, muchas gracias! What's up with those Wilmington bookstores anyway? Uh, please don't review it if you hate it...?!! **cringes in advance :)**

jayda said...

The link to your interview with the South Florida Caribbean News was sent to me by a Trinidadian who lives here in Jamaica.

More than anything else, I am ever so thrilled that another Caribbean writer has been published by one of the biggies in the industry.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations. This gives me hope that I might actually land an agent at some point.

I'll be sure to order my copy of Cafe au Lait from Amazon.

You go girl!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

why apologize? Congrats on a fantastic review.

wordtryst said...

Jayda, welcome, and thank you! Hope you enjoy the read! Getting an agent is not easy - nothing in this business is - but it's not impossible either, even for us out here in the Caribbean. Many publishers seem to be expanding their multicultural titles, so good luck in your search!

Nyc/caribbean, thank you - and I'm looking forward to reading reviews of your work in the not too distant future!