Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Animoto - the end of slideshows

That's their name, and their slogan.

I discovered Animoto through a post on one of the numerous Facebook writers' groups I belong to. This is my first video and it's not perfect, but they make me look good!

It's easy to do, even for a technopleb like me:
  • Create an account (of course!)
  • Upload your images
  • Choose your music
  • Create the video!
30-second vids are free; if you want the 60-second version, you pay $3. You can post your videos directly to Blogger, YouTube, MySpace, Live.com, TypePad, iGoogle, Wordpress, LiveJournal, Facebook, and a number of other places, or just copy the code and embed where you like. (The direct posting makes me think: Security breach! Security breach! Probably my paranoia kicking in, so I chose to embed.)

Check them out at http://animoto.com. At worst, you sink a couple hours having fun and feeling like a technowizard. At best, you get a sweet promotional widget for your book - or whatever you're pimping!


Anonymous said...


I like the blending of the sound and the video . The photos are very appropriate for the book. Nice :)

JJ said...

Oh that looks like lots of fun. I must have a go. Thanks Liane.

Debs said...

Wow, that was brilliant, I loved it!

stephe said...


kim said...

Very cool.

wordtryst said...

akalol, it is wonderful, isn't it? I actually had twice as many images but the program edited them out to fit the time frame. I just might shell out (all of $3!) for the longer version!

JJ, I had a lot of fun finding images and editing them.

Debs, loved it myself! Hope it's not the beginning of another cyber obsession - I have too many of those already!

Stephe, luuuuuve it!

Kim, it sure is. Now I want to go back and mess with different music, different images, different themes... Uh-oh.

KAREN said...

That looks great fun! I'm off to have a go :o)

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Your book arrived today, Liane. I'm already diving into the pages.

wordtryst said...

Karen, I hope you post yours - I'd love to see what else the program comes up with.

Ooh, wonderful, Sandra! I hope it stirs an occasional memory of your time in Trinidad, although you were so young it's probably mostly forgotten. Enjoy! I already have The Space Between, and Bad Ice is on my list!