Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday Thirteen: To-Do List # 94,309

1. Get laid. Lay out my work clothes the night before to save on morning stress.

2. Acquire a toyboy. Reward myself by buying something I love every time I get paid.

3. Flirt with strange men. Be less guarded with people I don't know well.

4. Show more cleavage. Wear only clothes that make me feel great.

5. Show more leg. Stop dressing up to go to the mall. If I can wear shorts to the grocery I can wear them to the store.

6. Shack up with a hottie. Not.

7. Torture an old flame. Bury grudges forever and delete memories of men I got over a long time ago.

8. Torture a current flame. Ditch plans to start a blog along the lines of My Boyfriend is a Twat. :D

9. Pray for a Lotto win. Give thanks for my blessings every day.

10. Acquire a Greek god look-alike to wake me on mornings. Get a really savage alarm. My Tinkerbell cell phone just doesn't do the job.

11. In between romps with Greek god, think about what I should write next. Complete and submit two novels (or a novel and the memoir) to my agent this year.

12. Indulge in romantic fantasies. Get off my dreaming ass and turn those fantasies into stories.

13. Buy lots of fabulous underwear. Save your money, chica.


Chris Stovell said...

Love it, love it! Hey, every girl needs a Greek god alike to wake her in the mornings! Far more fun than a boring old alarm!

Liane Spicer said...

Chris, OH YEAH!!! :D

undefined said...

Written like a grown-up girl. (I'm not there yet ...)

Liane Spicer said...

undefined, you said it... All grown up now - or trying to be.