Saturday, 23 May 2009

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Kim, my blog buddy from It's a Maze aaand a Maraca, is celebrating a birthday today. So what does she do? She creates the lovely tissue box above for me! Bee-yootiful! For a 360 degree view, go here.

Isn't she something? Giving gifts away on her birthday! I think this trend should catch on! Thank you, Kim. And look what I got you!

No? Are you sure? Well, then, I'll take him off your hands!

Happy Birthday!


kim said...

"No? Are you sure? Well, then, I'll take him off your hands! "

Back off, Liane!


Okay, and I can't stop making those boxes. I have a museum one, Lizzie has done one loaded up with pacifiers and I'm working on one for my sister's June birthday. I need to get it up to six because shipping is the same for 1-6 boxes (I'm Early Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, etc. -- because who doesn't need a personalized box of kleenex?!)

kim said...

Thanks for the stripper!

Liane Spicer said...

Okay then. He's all yours. Remember, no touching! :D

Those personalized tissues are indeed great for giving. What will they come up next?

KeVin K. said...

so is each tissue individually monogramed?

Liane Spicer said...

Don't think so KeVin, but I'm sure they're working on it.