Thursday, 4 June 2009

Those numbers again

Okay, I can see where this obsession can get really boring for everyone but the author involved, so I promise to stop posting search results after today. I'll even attempt to not check in with Amazon on a daily basis, but don't know if I have the required self-control. Consider that a work in progress. So here goes...

When I looked at the search rankings this morning Café Au Lait showed up as:

#1 of 1,659 in African-American romance
#1 of 201 in Caribbean romance
#9 of 1,676 in African American romance (no hyphen)
#29 of 32,003 in contemporary romance

This must surely signify something! Not sure what, though. Probably some anomaly in the Amazon algorithm.


Chennette said...

or an increase of intelligent least intelligent searchers :-)
your stats are far more interesting that just blog stats for us other folk :-) who Amazon doesn't even know about!

Lane said...

You've gone up! And I'm sure you'll go up again:-)

Liane Spicer said...

Chennette, welcome back! What can I say except that I'm becoming fond of the Amazon search feature - for the moment anyway!

Lane, what goes up... But it certainly is nice while it lasts.