Sunday, 22 November 2009

Almost Paradise

Photo courtesy Richard Voisin

In the valley where I raised my son, there's a waterfall just a few minutes walk away - up the road, on to a forest trail, a short hike up a boulder-strewn stream... and there it is. It's a little waterfall; everything here is island-scale. It cascades over a rim of rock into a pool of cold, fresh water. This waterfall and the area around it is my son's favorite place on earth.

Photo courtesy Richard Voisin

High above the first waterfall, further into the forest, there are other pools, other cascades. I've never ventured beyond the first falls because, well, it's lonely and isolated up there and hikers have been robbed repeatedly. One pool goes by the chilling name of Coffin Hole, and the myth is that no one has been able to fathom its depth.

Photo courtesy Richard Voisin

A few weeks ago my son did a photo shoot with some models up there, and the images blew me away. This has existed a few minutes away from me for all these years? No wonder, I thought, my son loves this area the way he does. For all those who insist on thinking I live in paradise, these shots should add weight of your argument. Paradise indeed.

Photo courtesy Richard Voisin

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Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love your story that goes along with it. We'll never know what's just up the road if we never go look :) How inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Debs said...

Paradise indeed, and such an incredible place to photograph. I wish I looked like that in a bikini too.

ChrisH said...

Oh you don't know how wonderful that looks on a day like today in west Wales. We've been lashed by storms and gales for weeks, the summer was dire and I would so love to feel some sun on my face...
Well done to your son for taking some fabulous photos and brightening up another grey day.

Fia said...

Totally beautiful.

I know what you mean - we have hidden corners in Cornwall the tourists hardly ever find. We also have a pool, much colder than yours, called Dead Man's Cove. Inviting:)

Lane said...

Yep, absolute paradise, marred only by the fact you can't wander freely. But where can you nowadays?

Absolutely beautiful photos. Your son is very talented.

PJ said...

Gorgeous images. It must be lovely to live so close to such beautiful sights.

Liane Spicer said...

Laura, welcome! And thank you!

Debs, utterly incredible. LOL the bikini comment! My bikini days are SO over!

ChrisH, weeks of storms and gales? I enjoy the occasional bit of wild weather, but that doesn't sound like much fun. Glad the photos brightened up your day a bit!

Liane Spicer said...

Fia, Dead Man's Cove sounds eerie and wonderful. The places tucked away off the beaten track are always the best!

Lane, there's the rub. It seems nowhere's safe to go a-wandering any more. I'll tell the boy you think he's talented; he's only been at it for a year and loves feedback!

PJ, the valley is indeed lovely. I spent some very happy years there when my son was little. I can wax poetic about the full moon nights but I'll spare you!