Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Circle of Friends

...Awarded to all members of the Novel Racers writing group. Thank you, Graeme!

I'm supposed to tell you five things I like to do so here goes... Um, this is the PG list. E-mail me for the adult version. :D

1. Write. Not all the time, though. That means I'm not a REAL WRITER, because REAL WRITERS don't faff around and play the ass but set their butts in the chair and write every freaking day.

2. Read. Now we're talking. This I can do all day and all night. (There are other things I don't mind doing all day and all night, but you'll have to get the adult version of my list to find out about that.) I've looked up from countless all-night marathons to see daylight staining the sky outside my bedroom windows. All night READING marathons, you!

3. Hike. Don't do much actual traipsing through forests these days, but communing with nature is one of my great joys. And boyohboy - am I in the right place for communing. I can sit and commune all day - and all night. The stars as seen from this valley? Incomparable. Full moon nights here make me very, very happy to be alive.

4. Flirt with favourite ex. Sigh. The less said about that the better. I need a cell phone with no text messaging feature. Or no cell phone at all.

5. Shop. I don't consider myself a typical anything, but this one throws me right in there with all the other shopaholic women. I don't do the malls, though, unless I absolutely have no choice. My poison is online shopping.

There you have it - TMI. I pass this award on to everyone in my online writing circle. Thanks for being there, guys.


Flowerpot said...

And the same to you too Liane! I'm afraid I've never got the hang of this shopping business. Just can't do it!!

Lane said...

ok my email is lanedotdoodah@..... :-)

Looking up to see daylight after a marathon read. I recognize that one. Not for a while though. Must be age:-)

Liane Spicer said...

Flowerpot, just be glad the online shopping but hasn't bitten you. It's deadly!

Lane, this growing older thing is no fun! I want to stay up all night and not feel like a train wreck for days after!

Liane Spicer said...

Flowerpot, the online shopping BUG is what I meant to type...