Saturday, 7 July 2012

Whatever happened to the hunks? Channing Tatum

I stumbled across Channing Tatum five years ago while looking for yummy photos for my (then) monthly hunk post. My favourite fishing site was one I discovered back in 2002, In the photo I remember best Tatum is dressed (barely) in briefs and a tattered straw hat as he sprawls back against something.  Let me tell you, that photo stopped me in my tracks. Still does. Just as striking as the pose and body were the face and expression. I went back to that photo several times, was struck afresh by the sensual appeal each time but never got around to posting it. Why? I think his age might have been a factor: he just looked so young! Insolent, gorgeous - but just too damned young for my demographic.

Never forgot him, though. Last night my niece insisted that I watch the trailer for something called Magic Mike I did, just to appease her - and there was Tatum in all his stunning glory, in a movie in which he plays - get this - a male stripper. Still very young, but all grown up now. Think I died and went to heaven right there and then. 

So, any of you ladies want to accompany me to Movietowne to watch this, give me a shout. Be warned, though; there will be screaming. Lots of it. Gnashing of teeth. Palpitations and hyperventilation. Tears of joy. Fists bitten to shreds and fisticuffs in the aisles. Think you can handle it? Well - see you there! Remember to check your inhibitions at the door or they will be trampled to death by the thundering female herd.


Flowerpot said...

Well that's cheered my morning no end!!

Liane Spicer said...

LOL, Flowerpot! He's a cheery sight indeed!

Anonymous said...

You're gonna laugh, but i'm 65, and when I saw Magic Mike, I nearly drowned in my own estrogen. Yikes, Channing is the most awesome specimen I've ever seen. Move over, Dwayne Johnson!

Liane Spicer said...

Anony, I'm no spring chicken, and I'm not laughing! 'Awesome' doesn't begin to cover it. I hear there's a prequel in the making, a Magic Mike 2. SIGN. ME. UP.

(So good that after all these decades of having women's body parts pushed in our faces, someone figured out that women just might enjoy watching sexy men for a change!)

Men seem a bit taken aback by women's response to this and Fifty Shades of Grey, though... :D