Sunday, 24 June 2007


Hullo, and welcome to my blog! Here you'll find info on the release of my first novel, a multicultural romance set on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. You'll also find info on my scheduled appearances and signings when that time comes around. But that's not all! I'll be posting my quirky thoughts on random issues - books, writing, writers, publishing, hunky men... No topic is sacrosanct! I even plan to post about my own journey from unpublished dreamer to published author. It's a cautionary tale that comes with a warning: Don't try this at home.

Hope you find my posts both informative and fun. Go ahead. Comment. Explore. Browse the links. Scope out the sidebar with random books from my library, courtesy LibraryThing, and remember, I bought some of these books a l-o-n-g time ago.


KeVin K. said...

Trinidad and Tobago! (Should have checked your profile first.)

I used to teach exceptional children in the public schools. I worked with those who had severe emotional handicaps and behavior disorders that made it difficult for them to interact -- or even survive -- in the general classroom setting. For many years my close colleague and friend was a woman named Eva Waithe who was a native of Trinidad and Tobago. I lost touch with her when I left teaching.
Some years ago I heard she and her husband had returned home. I was not surprised. She always spoke of Trinidad and Tobago with such love I knew her heart had never left the islands.

Someday my wife and I hope to visit your country. (No doubt in a large ship with 3,000 other mainland Americans who will come and go and carry away no understanding of the places we've visited.)
We'll call ahead.

wordtryst said...

I used to teach too, high school English. I resigned a few years ago because I'd simply had enough. A mad move, most of my family and acquaintances felt. Since then I've worked as HR manager at a home health agency, secretary, and assistant editor of a newspaper on another island. Earlier this year I did a four-month temp teaching jag - after all, I have to support my writing habit. And so far I haven't had to seek shelter under any bridges. But you never know...

Your teaching specialty must have been challenging. Reminds me of a book called "One Child". Remarkable story.

Don't know your friend Eva, but I think she would have found Trinidad a different place from the one she left. The social landscape has become quite turbulent, to put it diplomatically, but the island itself - the natural vista - is still beautiful, as are many of the good people.

If you ever do decide to visit, please do let me know.