Monday, 30 July 2007

Hunk of the Month: James Hyde

So what was the purpose of posting gorgeous hunks on a writer's blog again? You weren't paying attention, were you. (And why should we need a reason to ogle anyway?)

Who are the leading men in our steamy romance novels? What do we want to see on the covers?

Hunks! Hotties of every description. Guys like actor James Hyde - who once posed (in nothing but his Calvin Klein briefs) for the cover of Playgirl Magazine's September 2002 issue. Look at that half-smile. The humor comes through, the dangerous charm, the glint of mischief, the challenge. This guy will probably drive our heroine out of her mind, but when he falls, that girl will have the ride of her life.

A man's man. A woman's man. All man.


Angela said...

SAM!! I'm so mad that Passions is going off air for another hour of that crappy Today show, but a picture of James just made my day. *g*

Anonymous said...

Liane, I hope you realize that taht guy stuffed down there with a sock. So don't get too dreamy about his...uh...package.

wordtryst said...

Angela, nice to see you in these parts, and glad you like the eye-candy.

Anon, believe it or not, I didn't inspect the - uh - package. I took another look, and I have to admit that you're probably right re the stuffing.