Thursday, 24 January 2008

Evil Editor's Launch Party

In case there are actually writers in the blogosphere who have never heard of Evil Editor - and I doubt that any such exist - he's an anonymous editor who runs a blog that helps writers polish their query letters, and he does it in hilarious fashion. He's been around since April 2006 and I discovered him through my love affair with Miss Snark, an anonymous literary agent whose blog was dedicated to educating new writers about 'the business', also in hilarious fashion. Learning was never so much fun as when those two... But I digress.

Evil Editor's launching his fourth book, Novel Deviations 3, and Church Lady is hosting a launch party on her blog today. The Evil One himself will be dropping by there frequently to participate in the festivities. You can still make it; it doesn't end until 9PM Eastern US time!

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JJ said...

Oh dear, I confess, I've never heard of Evil Editor. I shall go away and do my homework immediately.