Monday, 31 March 2008

The Jobs Meme for Writers

Stolen from Stephe, dynastic queen incomparable, who hails from Georgia (USA) and writes SF&F. Why is it called the Jobs meme? I don't rightly know.

The Jobs Meme for Writers:

1. How many books have you written? Three complete, three partial.

2. How many copies of your books are in print? Um, they're working on the first print run right now. Don't know how many, though.

3. How many of your books did you write on a Mac? I'm P.C., y'all. (When I told this to a newspaper editor I worked with briefly he offered condolences.)

4. When did you buy your first Mac? Y'all deaf or something? I DON'T BUY MAC! Jeez.

The Jobs Meme for Readers

1. How many books do you read a year? As many as I can get my eager hands on.

2. When was the last time you bought a new computer? A year ago, and it took all of three months to die on me! All my other computers have been second-hand relics, and they worked just fine for years.

3. When do you expect you'll buy your next computer? Dunno. Hoping to inherit my son's laptop when he upgrades.

4. When do you expect you'll buy your next cell phone? Never, I hope :) Once this old one works I'm okay with it.

5. On a scale of 1-10, how important do you think it is that we support reading and literacy? 10,000! There's simply no substitute for the written word.


Chumplet said...

I guess they call it a Jobs meme because Steve Jobs first developed the Mac for mass consumption.

Oh, a PC... poor girl.

I use both, but I write on a Mac.

stephe said...

Thanks, chumplet... that is why.

Also because Mr. Jobs made some ridiculous statement to the media about how no one reads anymore, and people got pissed at that.

wordtryst said...

Ahhh. Now I see. Thank you.