Sunday, 2 March 2008

Time Gentlemen Time

I suck at time management. Not on the job, of course; I'm obsessive about staying on top of things there. But in my life? Lord. Maybe if someone decided to pay me to manage my personal time I'd be much better at it.

Before the day job, it didn't matter that I would get up late, tool around or lie around reading, do chores when I got around to them, stay up half the night or all night reading my favourite blogs until my eyes were popping. There was always tomorrow to get to the more productive stuff, like writing and editing. Now my 'system' has been shot to bits.

Much as I hate too much structure, I have to admit that a bit of it is good for me. So now I'm trying to schedule all that I have to do: the job, the writing and editing, the blog, exercise, household chores and projects, internet browsing, movies with my sister on weekends, time with my son which just hasn't been happening lately... I haven't gotten it all covered yet, but I'm seeing progress.

I started exercising again this week. The face lift I've been giving my bedroom over the past month or so is moving along nicely: painting done, new curtains hung, portrait of Richard on the wall where it belongs instead of propped on my bedside table, filing reorganized, unwanted clothes etc. thrown out or given away. The new closet doors are scheduled for this week. Next month I'll get to the tiling, and that should be that for the bedroom project.

Of course, being the critical beast that I am, I'm never satisfied with falling short of that elusive thing called perfection. Whatever I do, there's always so much more to be done.

I'll see how the resumption of daily exercise holds out this week. As for the writing and editing... I'm not there yet. This organization business is a work in progress. Will see how it goes.


Lane said...

Sounds like you're getting heaps done!

Life is work in progress .... or so I'm told:-)

Pacha said...

I so don't think you suck at time management. At all. Hope the week continues well!

Anonymous said...

Once someone gets to exercising then you know they are managing time well.

I believe time can never be wasted except on looking for car keys and an empty parking space in Port of Spain :)