Sunday, 29 June 2008

Flaky friends in paradise

The courier company that handles my mail is acting up again. Just like over Christmas, the mail has backed up and I haven't reveived a single piece for the month of June although the statement shows at least five pieces of mail on the account. My advance cheque for Café au Lait is in there somewhere, I believe. So are my mother's gardening magazines and probably a couple of catalogues, as well as a refund cheque from a company that discounted some items I bought from them. And here's the intriguing bit: there's a mystery package somewhere in there that weighs more than 2 pounds.

I suspect the mystery package is from a buddy who oh-so-nonchalantly asked for my mailing address recently. If I'm correct then he's right now wondering what kind of flaky friend I am who doesn't even acknowledge mystery packages. Friend, I'll get it, along with the rest. I have faith oozing from my pores. No, seriously. I will get it. There's a new, sweet, pretty young guy helping with deliveries on my route (the regular guy is on some kind of leave) and he's going out of his way to solve the mystery of my errant mail. He told me that he counted eight big bags of mail sitting in the office... waiting for Allah to intervene.

To all the people who have romantic notions about life in my lovely corner of the world, all who think said life is a beach out here, I have just three words: Welcome to paradise.


Fiona said...

I think I could swop having the postman swim across the oceans to deliver mail - sounds like that's what yours does - for a life in paradise:)

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is with the US post office. They don't make timely deliveries to the mailing box courier's facility and hence things get backed up. Recently, I had to wait over six weeks for a package to come out of the post office. Let's hope for this week for both the cheque and the mystery two-pound package :)

wordtryst said...

Fiona, I think he's swimming with his hands tied.

akalol, the US post office can't take the blame for bags of mail sitting in an office in Barataria for weeks - or months. Once it shows in my account it means the USPS has done it's part. Naw, this is service in paradise for you.

Anonymous said...

USPS has a habit of delivering weeks of backlogged mail in one go so the couriers are swamped on these occasions. But sometimes the couriers use USPS as an excuse so don't spare the courier, they don't deserve it :)

wordtryst said...

akalol, I didn't know that USPS did that sort of thing. Consider me enlightened!