Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Determinedly cheerful

Everywhere I turn people are writing about how glad they are to see the back of 2008, despite the fact that the predictions of doom and gloom for 2009 show no signs of abating. The outlook for publishing seems particularly grim: the industry has been ailing for years, according to the gurus, and last year ended with falling sales, employee layoffs, cutbacks, threats to further reduce author advances or get rid of them altogether... But despite the clouds roiling on the publishing horizon, I'm determined to be optimistic. Hell, my angst cannot possibly affect the big outcomes, so why not eschew it and be done?

2008 was a good year for me. My first novel was published; I got paid for my writing for the first time; I completed a second novel; went back to working a day job; made new friends. My family is well. I am well. There have been setbacks and disappointments along with the good stuff, but I survived. And the older I get, the more I value the simple fact of survival.

I'm looking forward to 2009. There's more than enough to worry about in almost every sphere of life so, being contrary by nature, I plan to focus on the positives that I have some control over: the fellowship of friends and fellow writers, writing and promoting, sending novel #2 out into the world to fend for itself, reading a few good books, maybe even some great ones. Call me Pollyanna if you like; I don't mind. And, in the very likely event that my resolve wears thin at some point, I've secreted a lovely bottle of asti away in my room. Armed and ready, I am. Cheers!


JJ said...

Cheers to that, Wordtryst.

Debs said...

Great post, and cheers to you too.

The Anti-Wife said...

There's nothing wrong with being Pollyanna! Good for you for seeing the positive in everthing.

SpiralSkies said...

There's nothing wrong in being a Pollyanna - it also means that you'll have less wrinkles due to lack of frowning.

See? It's a win-win situation!

Lane said...

I'll drink (coffee) to that.

I hope that Asti remains stashed away, until something to celebrate - like your next book launch:-)

Flowerpot said...

Your post has come just at the right time, Wordtryst. Been battlign insomnia and feeling the need to be positive - thanks for that! Well done you.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

that cartoon is hilarious.

Happy New Year to you.

I'm excited about 2009 as well.

Anonymous said...

We would not survive 2009 without our Polyanna instincts kicking in. There are more than enough people worrying about the doom and gloom but not enough worrying about the hope.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hear, hear. And anyway most of the doom and gloom comes from the media, who make their money peddling doom and gloom. Few people seem interested in good news, but actually there's lots of it. People go to doctors and hospitals and get cured! Children go to school and learn useful stuff and have fun too! Couples enjoy happy times together! Not glamorous, won't sell papers - but true in many parts of the world.

kim said...

"Do what's in front of you" and expect the best.

Looking foward to your next book and a great 2009.

Happy New Year a day or two late.

btw- I posted a picture of your book on my blog (better late than never!)

Tam said...

I'm a glass half full kind of gal, too. Great post and good luck with novel #2 :-)

wordtryst said...

JJ, bottoms up!

Debs, thank you!

Anti-Wife, I try, I try.

SpiralSkies, I'm all for anything that means fewer wrinkles. ;)

Lane, coffee? Hope you haven't sworn off the booze cause drinking alone is no fun! (Another book launch would def be occasion to break out the asti!)

Flowerpot, I hope you get over that insomnia quickly. "Don't worry, be happy" is easy to say, but so terribly hard to do.

wordtryst said...

Nyc/caribbean ragazza, Happy New Year to you too! Hope we all make big strides toward our chosen goals.

akalol, doom and gloom are the only commodities that aren't in short supply at the moment, it seems. It can truly scare you - if you let it.

Zinnia, you're absolutely right! I think our dependence on the media has gotten out of hand. It pays them to have us goggle-eyed and terrified. We need to seek out the good stuff that's there if we choose to see it.

Kim, I'm trying very hard to let that be my motto. Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for posting that lovely shot of Cafe au Lait in Driftwood!

Tam, welcome! Thank you, and all the best to you too!