Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Have you ever... Trinidad & Tobago style

My blog pal and fellow Trini over at This Beach Called Life has created a new, improved, much funnier version of the Have You Ever meme. It's full of social satire too, if you know my country. So good is it, in fact, that I'm doing it again!

Bold the things you've done or will admit to.

1. Slept under the stars
2. Gotten caught in a flood
3. Seen a real live Manatee
4. Seen turtles lay eggs
5. Eaten turtle meat
6. Watched a meteor shower
7. Gotten involved with a landslide (it didn't last, though)
8. Gone to Mt. St. Benedict (My honeymoon was there. We left early.)
9. Heard a real gunshot
10. Hiked on the Northern Range
11. Held a praying mantis
12. Been held up while praying
13. Sung Calypso
14. Tried to get a passport appointment (the horror! the horror!)
15. Visited Tobago
16. Been robbed in Tobago
17. Watched sparking electricity lines
18. Seen smoke come out the back of your TV
19. Refused KFC
20. Ate doubles at 2 am
21. Had food poisoning
22. Grown your own weed
23. Known any Miss Trinidad and Tobago beauty contestants
24. Had a pillow fight
25. Feted all night
26. Taken a PH taxi
27. Been kidnapped
28. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
29. Held a cock or common fowl
30. Gone skinny dipping
31. Ran a 5K
32. Ridden a pirogue
33. Helped pull seine
34. Been insane (depends who you ask)
35. Watched a sunrise or sunset
36. Hit a six
37. Been on a cruise
38. Seen Maracas Waterfalls in person
39. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
40. Had ancestors
41. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
42. Bought saheena and kachourie in Debe
43. Seen the Lighthouse of Port of Spain
44. Played pan
45. Had the chicken combo at Movietowne
46. Sung karaoke
47. Seen a WASA pipe leak
48. Bought a stranger a roti
49. Eaten a strange roti
50. Visited Rio Claro or Cedros
51. Caught crab on the beach by flambeau light
52. Been transported in an ambulance
53. Driven on the shoulder
54. Had your portrait painted
55. Been arrested
56. Had you photo appear on a website
57. Seen the Pitch Lake in person
58. Been to the top of the Hyatt Hotel in Port of Spain
59. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
60. Kissed a member of the opposite sex in the rain
61. Kissed a member of the opposite sex
62. Cooked at the banks of a river
63. Been held up at gun point
64. Considered a life of crime
65. Visited a family member at Golden Grove
66. Been in a movie (short documentary does not count, does it? Shucks.)
67. Taken a martial arts class
68. Kicked someone’s butt
69. Been transported in the trunk of a car
70. Eaten Crix for lunch
71. Cooked curried duck
72. Gone girl watching on Frederick Street
73. Donated blood, platelets, plasma or body parts
74. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp or a Government Office
75. Bounced a check
76. Visited the Zen Nightclub
77. Bounced out of a nightclub
78. Flown in a helicopter
79. Eaten Smoked Herring
80. Stood in Woodford Square
81. Toured the Caroni Bird Sanctuary
82. Seen dead birds at The Sanctuary
83. Broken a bone
84. Broken someone else’s bone
85. Been on the Bus Route illegally
86. Published a book
87. Read a book
88. Bought a brand new car
89. Fixed a flat in the Beetham
90. Walked in Queen’s Park Savannah
91. Been chased in the Queen’s Park Savannah
92. Had your picture in the newspaper
93. Had dengue fever
94. Been called for jury duty
95. Tried to get parking in Port of Spain
96. Met someone famous
97. Been or are someone famous
98. Lost a car
99. Been on TV
100. Ran out of water with soap on your skin
101. Blogged like no ones looking


liz fenwick said...

Fascinating list - I had to pause of one or two until their meaning became apparent :-)

Anonymous said...

You have much to do, Liane, but you have done much already :)