Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blog vacation

The blog is tired. I'm tired. Over the past three months my part-time, low-stress day job has morphed into something else altogether with long hours and triple the responsibility.

Hopefully, things will revert to normal within two to three weeks and I'll have the time and mindset once again to take care of my writing and my blog. Right now it's a struggle to balance all the facets of my daily life, so for the next few weeks I won't be blogging unless something spectacular happens that I just have to share with the cyberworld. I'll still be posting over at Novel Spaces when my turn comes around, and I'll still drop by your blogs to see what you're up to now and then.

And now for some good news. The house wrens, our tiny, animated coco rachelles, returned after a prolonged absence and have been making happy sounds around the eaves on mornings. One even paid me a visit, hopping and chirping along the rafters in my bedroom. And the manicou (opossum) family has also reappeared; I hear their sounds at night and even spotted one making its way along the back fence. I take the flourishing of the wildlife as a good omen for, oh, life in general.

Blessings, all!


JJ Beattie said...

Oh I've been there and done that. It happens. Have a lovely rest from it and we'll see you when you're back. JJx

Debs said...

Have a well deserved rest, and come back soon.

Your wildlife sounds so lovely.

Flowerpot said...

you take care and enjoy your rest!

Debi said...

Do what you need to do and take care of yourself. xxx

Anonymous said...

Blog burnout is serious and worse than even diary burnout. You did well to recognize apply the cure early.

I think I also have young birds in the rafters - do they sound like mice?

Stephe said...

Do what you've got to do to survive, Li. We'd rather have you healthy and happy some of the time than worn out and miserable or permanently GONE all of the time. We'll be here, don't you worry.

Birdie sounds can be like medicine. I'm glad you have that! Hugs.

Debi said...

Take some time to check the apple cake recipe in my blog comments. Also good medicine ... x