Saturday, 20 October 2007

Hunk of the month: Jamie Bamber

I didn't post a hot guy last month. That's simply unforgivable.

So here's Jamie Bamber. He stars as Major Lee "Apollo" Adama on SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica - a show I've never seen, but when I stumbled across this photo I became a fan. No, not of BG. Of Bamber.


PJ said...


Lane said...

well - words fail me:-)
Is he actually a real, live man?

Donna Alward said... there better writing inspiration than a picture like this?

Have been a fan of his for some time...and yes, also of the show which is really well written. Thanks for posting the pic...we never get tired of seeing it!

kim said...

I had to google -- for a second I thought it was Krycek from the X-files -- had to double check, it's not him.

wordtryst said...

Girls, what can I say? I can only echo pj. YUM.

Donna, thanks for dropping by. I agree - there's simply no better inspiration. I have an entire collection of - um - inspiring material.

aka_lol said...

Clearly, that photo shows what science fiction is all about.

note to self - must find steroid supplier.

wordtryst said...

aka_lol, ROTFLMAO! :)