Sunday, 15 November 2020

These plants grow so fast!

Spider plants and pothos newly hung and 3-4 months later

I'm focusing on easy care plants in the apartment and on the balcony these days and these two stalwarts absolutely fit the bill. 

I haven't had much luck with spider plants indoors: two died and one fell over on its head when I pushed the table it stood on. So I got two more and hung them outside in the entry. Guess what? Some big, gross moth larvae attacked them almost immediately and chomped half the leaves to stumps! I happened to go out there in the middle of the night a few times and caught the chompers in the act. I destroyed them and voila! The spiders are now growing happily. Keep it up, my lovelies!

Then there's the pothos. My lawd. I swear this is the easiest plant EVER for pots and hanging containers. It hardly ever needs watering. Never seen a pest go near it. Fertilize when you feel like it. And this baby grows, and grows--just keeps sending out these lovely long vines that drape so elegantly. If the vines become leggy after a while just clip them back and there it goes again. It even tolerates low light; the only difference is that if it's a variegated variety the contrast will be less pronounced--there will be much less of the lighter color as the plant maximizes the green surfaces of the leaves to process what little light there is.

If you're a new indoor gardener, or an experienced plant mom or dad who just doesn't want to deal with finicky plants right now, spider plants and pothos are the way to go.

Happy planting, greenies!

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