Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Best Medicine - 7 things that made me laugh out loud this week

1. "My name is Pussy. Pussy Galore." - a character in the Goldfinger movie I just watched for the first time.

2. Matt's post on Santa Claus' existential crisis.

3. Lane brainstorming for words that describe her and coming up with 'incontinent'.

4. Kevin's comment (on my Coast to Coast post) re keeping my son and his daughters far away from each other.

5. Local TV presenter Paolo Kernahan's suggestion that women could use a guillotine-like device in their underwear to deter rapists. The device, he claims, would provide them with evidence that will stand up in court.

6. Kevin's description of an encounter with a snake inside his car while he was driving: "Much merriment ensued."

7. My sister's suggestion that certain DVDs (like No Country for Old Men) should come with a warning sticker something like the one above to let women know that we view them at our peril. What a horrible movie. And they killed Woody Harrelson in it. Hello, you movie people out there. You don't kill off Woody! What you ought to do is show some shower scenes of the guy, like the ones of nekkid women that you force down our throats at every opportunity. When are the PTBs in Hollywood going to figure out that women like to see sexy guys in the buff too?

Oops. #7 became a bit of a rant there, didn't it... Thanks for the humour, everyone.


Lane said...

What a great list.

Note to Liane's readers - mine must be read in context !!!!:-)

And they should NEVER kill off Woody!

wordtryst said...

Lane's post must definitely be read in context. Amazing what the mind will produce when one is frantically searching for adjectives that begin with 'i'.

That was really funny, Lane.

Matt said...

Really? Woody Harrelson is a sex symbol? I had no idea.

I was more upset when they killed those beautiful dogs. Otherwise, I liked the movie.

Related to #5:
My great-grandmother -- a Southerner, I might add -- was a rape survivor with good advice. They asked her how she got away and she said rather bluntly, "I knew what to do. You just wring it like a chicken neck."

KeVin K. said...

[Momentarily discombobulated by mental image of the Victoria's Secret Special Guillotine Edition Catalog....]

wordtryst said...

Matt, I don't know if it's a general thing, but my sis and I find him sexy in a droll kind of way. You liked the movie? What sex are you again? :) And your great-grandmother's rape defence had me ROTFLMAO!!!

Kevin! You prankster. I actually followed the link to see if such a thing really exists, only to find one of my most viewed web pages. I hate to say this, but I'm a Victoria's Secret whore. (I think I suffer from 'too much info' syndrome. More proof? My edited manuscript is almost 20 pages shorter than the original I submitted.)

KeVin K. said...

Prankster? Haven't you read the results of my latest personality test? I'm no such thing.

Speaking of Live Journal, I see you've opened an account (wekcome aboard!) but haven't posted anything. I think you can link these two so you don't have to write twice.

wordtryst said...

Kevin, I only opened the Live Journal account because they wouldn't let me comment on your blog. I had no idea you could link the two types. You know I'm not going to feed and water two blogs, so I'll investigate...