Thursday, 6 December 2007

Trinidad Coast to Coast

The Tropical Power Coast to Coast race took place here a few weeks ago. It's a two-day stage race traversing the island from the east coast, along the north coast, and ending on the western peninsula. The participants used three core disciplines: road cycling, trail running, and paddling. The athletes came from all over the world; the winner was multi-sport world champion Richard Ussher, a New Zealander who dominated the race despite the heavy rains on Day 2 of the event.

My son Richard was on one of the photographic teams. Here are some of his shots; the final shot was taken by Jim O'Connor. For more shots of the race and photography discussion, hop over to Jim's blog at jtography.

Part of the scenic north coast

Jim finds a perch to shoot a cyclist

A runner splashes through surf

Paddler's view of marina on west peninsula

...and here's Richard waiting for that great shot!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

These photos are gorgeous. Everything is so green.

aka_lol said...

These shots are amazing!!

It would take a superb athlete to even finish this event much less win it.

I like the color and location. I hardly ever make it anywhere near a coast in recent time, but now I am encouraged but my security detail has the weekend off :)

Matt said...

I love the wide-angle lens shot of Richard on the bridge (though obviously not taken by him, eh?). I love the way the lens distortion twists the bridge.

Also the runner in the surf is awesome.

PJ said...

Lovely pics, especially the one on the bridge.

kim said...

Great shots -- love the runner in the water.

wordtryst said...

Lovely country we've got here, isn't it?

Matt, thanks for pointing out that slip re photo 5. I've fixed it; now it's properly attributed.

aka_lol, that's our reality now, huh? The security business, I mean. Gone are the days when we could wander at will in lonely places. I myself don't get anywhere near the beaches and forests like I used to... I suspect, though, that your particular security detail is female and wears a bikini.

aka_lol said...

You seem to know the details of my detail. Thanks for the Monday morning smile :)

KeVin K. said...

Yep. Good thing Richard's down there and my daughters are up here. Keeps things from getting complicated. Just sayin'.

wordtryst said...

You're welcome, aka_lol.

Kevin, :)