Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day photos

An anthurium lily basks in the shade of the mango tree

My son took these shots of my mom's yard today, then he and I went off to attend an art exhibition at the Creative Arts Centre in St. Augustine. One of his friends who's a student there was exhibiting, and we had a lovely afternoon watching paintings, sculptures and dramatic costume presentations. Richard and his surfboard even featured in one of his friend's paintings. As we stood there admiring it (she's good, and I'm not saying that just because...) strangers would look at the painting, then at my son, then back again. Then they'd approach him and say: That's you! - at which point my son would try to look mystified while the rest of us (the girl's parents, her brother and I) burst into laughter. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

The tomatoes are fantastic this year, huge and plentiful

She has chives planted everywhere

My brother brought her some dahlia tubers from Florida and she planted them in pots. This is the first flower to open.

An oncidium, the bee orchid

Another orchid by the back step. Don't know the name of this one.

The julie mangoes are coming along...

Marigolds, known locally as stinking susie, growing wild near the front wall.

Impatiens drooping in the afternoon heat

Lettuce, with water grass competing for space

Bee in cosmos

This makes a great ground cover and is virtually unkillable. The small purple flowers are the icing on the bush.


JJ said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing Liane. Do you eat mangoes sour over there? The Thais do and they are really lovely. I actually prefer them to ripe.

wordtryst said...

JJ, we eat them every which way - ripe, unripe with salt and pepper (mango chow), curried, and in chutneys and all kinds of preserves, sweet or peppery, or sweet and peppery...

But yes, a properly ripened mango is always my favourite.

KAREN said...

What lovely pictures! They've made me feel all summery. And a little bit jealous. Anything I try to grow dies a swift death I'm afraid.

Chennette said...

Oh lovely :-) I was in Trinidad overnight, and got the tour of the parents' garden. Saim, peas, herbs, pimento peppers, sweet potato, potato, cassava...they're going all out.
Makes me feel envious for my apartment in concrete life.

Chumplet said...

All those pretty things bursting to life! So far, we have lacy green on the trees, tiny violets in the ground, and just today our crab apple tree sprang into magenta loveliness.

Anonymous said...

I like how the anthurium stands at attention and the bee just so pollen-focused. I didn't know about the stinking susie name but it makes sense. The mangoes look a bit too young for chow but maybe in a couple weeks.

Your Mother's Day weekend must have been fun :)

wordtryst said...

Karen, all the credit goes to my mother. I rarely touch her plants.

Chennette, I've wondered how saim was spelt - now I know! There's a special satisfaction you get from growing things, and I too missed that during my apartment years.

Chumplet, sounds lovely! I'd love to see that magenta tree.

akalol, the stinking susie name I remember from childhood. I'd give the mangoes a month or two, although I always feel guilty about making chow with julie mangoes. They're so delicious when ripe! Yeah, we had fun, and I thought of you as I was in your neck of the woods, view of the Mount and all! I'm beginning to understand why you're so fond of St. Augustine.

Matt said...

Homegrown tomatoes in May? You live in a paradise indeed! :)

kim said...

The orange flowers over the turquiose
mat makes me want to paint something in those colors.

Beautiful plants.

wordtryst said...

Matt, well, um... Yes and no. Depends on your definition of paradise.

Kim, I almost didn't post that one because it's such a weird backdrop for the flower. But the colours are vivid and interesting so I can see why the combination would appeal to you.

The Anti-Wife said...

Wonderful pictures. Love mangoes!

Matt said...

I'd brave hurricanes and governmental corruption for homegrown 'maters in May. :)