Sunday, 4 May 2008

Reading right now: Lovers' Hollow by Orna Ross

This is a big novel. When it arrived and I held it I got quite a thrill: I hadn't read a novel this big (667 pages) in awhile and I do so love good, hefty books that I can dive into and lose myself. It's also big in scope, as the publisher's review (lifted from reveals:

"Writer Jo Devereux returns home to Wexford for her mother's funeral with very mixed feelings. After all, she hadn't seen Mrs D for years and for good reason. So when Jo finds herself agreeing to her mother's dying request to write a family history, her motives for doing so aren't clear even to herself. Family pride has caused Jo nothing but heartache and cost her Rory, the only man she ever truly loved. But maybe because her life as a sex columnist in San Francisco has become rackety and empty, and because a pregnant woman of thirty-eight needs to face her demons, Jo settles down to a long hot summer of excavating the past. In unearthing undreamt of family secrets of love and revenge in a time of war, of the conflict between happiness and duty, and even of a murder that has haunted three generations Jo begins to understand certain truths, not only about her mother and her grandmother, Peg, but also about herself and Rory, who is still lurking at the edge of her life. Could a reluctant mission to redeem the past actually offer the key to Jo's future?"

I'm about halfway through, and I've enjoyed every moment. Can't wait to see how all the threads are resolved.


Anonymous said...

Lover's Hollow sounds like a saga. There are always dark family secrets to uncover in books this size - that's the fun in reading them :)

The only three big novels I read in the last few months were Lisey's Story - Stephen King(528 pages),Shantaram - Greogery David Roberts(944 pages) and A Prisoner of Birth - Jeffery Archer(512 pages). All three were fun to read and had thick plots.

wordtryst said...

Shantaram was how many pages? It's been awhile since I've read sprawling novels like those, and I'm finding I have a hankering for them again.