CAFÉ AU LAIT (Dorchester Publishing (2008), Montlake Romance (2012)

Café au Lait
"Londoner Shari Zamore is at the end of her rope. Her carefully constructed world is falling down around her ears, and she’s so restless that she can barely bring herself to care. So the pretty professional runs away to her family’s home in Trinidad in search of rest, relaxation, and maybe even a little no-strings romance. What she finds there is a stubborn, sexy man determined to make her face all of the things she desperately wants to forget.

Most visitors embrace the sultry spirit of his homeland. So why is Michael Chancery so intrigued by a woman whose icy attitude and arrogant demeanor seem designed to discourage any man who tries to get too close? Her plan is to love him, leave him, and then return to the life she left on hold. But Michael doesn’t give up easily, and he’ll use every tool in his sensual arsenal, every moment of each heated tropical night to convince Shari that her place is on the island…and that his heart belongs to her."

Dorchester Publishing


Give Me the Night
Give Me the Night is a romantic suspense novel set in polyglot, kinetic Miami. Here is no island paradise and this heroine is no desultory Englishwoman bored with her comfortable existence back home. In Give Me the Night, a terrified woman is running for her life.

Run, Naeva, run!
Leaving her island home and fleeing to Miami to escape a man who has a yen to kill her should have simplified life for Naeva, but she stumbles immediately into a torrid romance with the yummy Dr. Avery Dubois and has to fend off the advances of her slightly sinister boss while dodging the claws of the felines at the agency where she works. Wracked by nightmares and shadowed by her pursuer, she struggles to find a new normal, but when the long-lost cousin who takes her in on her arrival starts putting his demented plan into action, her life begins to careen out of control once more...

DRIVING KARINA - Coming soon!
Driving Karina
In Driving Karina, newly divorced high-powered attorney Karina Stewart hires a full time driver after an injury that pulls her from behind the steering wheel for six months. The injury to her ankle is overshadowed by the injury to her heart and pride - her ex-husband turned out to be a conniving, cheating bastard. Despite her jaundiced view of men, the taciturn, hunky new driver manages to get under her skin. He drives like a pro, provokes her out of her self-absorption and turns out to be pretty darned good at all kinds of other stuff too, becoming dangerously indispensable to Karina's work, and to her battered heart.