Café au Lait...

"An entertaining Caribbean contemporary romance... Liane Spicer interweaves the beautiful locale into a fine tale that will have the audience considering some mellowing (and reading) in the Caribbean." 
***** 5 stars
Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews
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"Spicer's ability to take me to the place where I heard the cacophony of tropical birds and insects is amazing... I loved this book and anticipate getting a second serving of CAFÉ AU LAIT because of its brilliant flavor, rich aroma and the way it perked up my spirits. Readers will enjoy this delicious romance and especially the steamy, frothy love scenes."
Romance Readers at Heart
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"Even if the reader has never set foot in the Caribbean, the sights and sounds, perfectly described in this book, will make you feel like you're there... throw in some unexpected drama, and you've got yourself an entertaining novel."
Romantic Times
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"A surprisingly DELIGHTFUL debut. I felt like I was smack dab in the midst of all the beautiful scenery and exciting activities of Trinidad and Tobago, while turning the pages of this descriptive and ENGAGING island romance. Ms. Spicer pulls you in from the beginning and holds you captive with the INTENSE sparks that ignite between Shari and Michael. The main characters have such depth and intrigue you can't help but become CAUGHT UP in their budding romance, which has quite a ROCKY start at first, due to the personal baggage each of them is carrying around. But once Shari and Michael move past their initial “hostility” towards each other, they share a SENSUAL and heartwarming island affair. The secondary cast of characters also aids in keeping the story interesting with their LIVELY antics throughout. Ms. Spicer creates a sweet, romantic island treat with just a touch of suspense. I look forward to reading her next romance novel. KUDOS, Ms. Liane Spicer!"
**** 4 stars
Shawnette Goodman, Goodreads reader and librarian

"Café au Lait reads like a local Pride and Prejudice... Spicer writes well. Her expression is crisp and fresh. The plot runs smoothly, with enough suspense and thrill for a contemporary romance novel. And of course, the sex scenes do not disappoint. It's the perfect light read to take to the beach or on the journey home from work. Two thumbs up!"
Suzanne Bhagan, Trinidad Guardian

"A captivating book full of stunning landscapes, great looking people, a rose garden, one or two string bikinis and a car horn blowing at the wrong time. Café au Lait is brilliant, fun, scenic, intense and unpredictable which makes it hard to put down - even if you are a man..."
This Beach Called Life
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"This is an entertaining novel set in the Caribbean with characters who are quite likeable. There is a lot of romance, mystery, and laughs in it ... what sets it apart is the Caribbean setting and the writer's attention to detail that draws you into the novel. It is an entertaining read for a cold winter's night."
Renee Motley, Shades of Romance Magazine
*****4.5 Stars – EXCEPTIONAL
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"A great summer reading based in my homeland Trinidad & Tobago. It enraptured with such a great sense of nostalgia."
***** 5 stars
Kimberly Bolden,

"This book hits up a lot of the best of the best romance novel plot twists in interesting ways, and I enjoyed myself immensely."
Jozelle Dyer, former romantic suspense editor at Tor Books

"Apart from the well-written drama of a romance, the book takes you on a virtual tour of both islands...whether you’re “into” romance novels or not, if you want to read some Trinbagonian fiction, well written and with beautiful scenery, don’t delay like me – go get your hands on a copy of Café Au Lait."
Lifespan of a Chennette
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